lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

Erasmus Portraits First Part

Erasmus is not only a great experience, Erasmus is conformed by the new people you know from different countries and cultures. The best of this time abroad is the opportunity to learn every day new things and learn to value the features of amazing people around as. Here I show you some portraits of people I met studying in Nijmegen, Netherlands. I'll Tell you a little bit of them, Where are they from, their origins, what are they studying in Nijmegen and the languages they speak. 
Hanifa Hanum Nurfajari from Jakarta, Indonesia, Studying Life Sciences, 18 years, she speaks Indonesian and English.

Stijn Claassen Eindhoven Nederland,  Greek origins,  Medicine, 19 years, He speaks Dutch, English, French, German.

Molly Harper Leeds, England  Life Sciences 18 years English
Manuel Teddy Jakarta, Indonesia Chinese-Indonesian Life Sciences, 18 years, Indonesian, English, Chinese
Bart Jogems Alkmaar Nederland Occupational therapy 22 years Dutch, English, French, German
Laura Qvist Helsinki Finland. Food technology 25 years Finnish, Swedish, English
Akeil Onwukwe-adamson Londpn, United Kindom, Origins from Nigeria, Switzerland, scotland English Literature and Language 20 years English 
Maggid Antonio Reátegui Aranda, Aruba, Dakota Origins from Aruba, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Electrical engineering 20 years old. Papiamento, Spanish, English,Dutch, Portugues
Reema Rahman Surrey, United Kingdom, origin from Bangladesh Comparative Literature 20 years old Languages: English, Bengali, Urdu, Arabric

Fine! Now lets play with them ;)
What would happen if we mix them?
Enjoy :)

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