jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Inspiring people

Just a piece of my daily inspiration, the people I follow on instagram, the Images I love or the artists I appreciate. 

Minimalism, bohemian fashion brands, white and black, pastel colors, oversize clothes, natural girls, vintage decoration, slowlifestyle...

Wedding Fashion and Photographers:

Wedding designer: Constance Fournier
 Wedding designer: Bebascloset
Photo: diasdevinoyrosas


Otaduy dress. Photo: Sara Frost

Otaduy Collection Ritual lovers. Photo: diasdevinoyrosas
Ritual Lovers Fashion Film:  Itziar Orbegozo
see here the Film



Fashion Bloggers:




Trottermag Lifestyle Magazine

 It girls

Some inspiring it girls.

 @albagalocha: For her photos in her tumblr and the natural way she writes in teatime

Miranda Makaroff: for her vision for Art direction in fashion.

Alexa Chung has a special talent for fashion, I dont appreciate her only for her Outfits but for her concept of Fashion and trends. Listen her in the videos: The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung.

Photographers & instagramers

Lifestyle @alice_gao
Architecture @steffimarla

Lifestyle & travel @ladyvenom

Deco Silvia Buján

Art direction: thekipiblog

Fashion photographer: @isabelitavirtual

Amanda Charchian

Discover more Fashion editorials and photographers here: katybarker
Photography -landscapes & portraits @dealvarosanz

Vídeo maker: Youtube channel Itziar Aguilera
A beautiful girl and a cool guy shape a real love story located between sun, beaches, boat, vespa or cabriolet trips, sea,  lovely and great places, spontaneous kisses...


Photographer @monicadebmar

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