miércoles, 24 de junio de 2015

Dear beauty advertising, Why you never change?

I'm very interested in fashion and beauty communication and one of the questions I always ask myself is why some specific markets are every time in continuous innovation in terms of advertising and brand communication and however there are some categories of products whose advertising looks the same as 20 years ago.The example I wanted to bring is advertising of beauty products, which in my opinion I think maintains the same appearance and message along the history of advertising.

Right now I would be glad to work in a marketing or brand management department from a beauty brand as Henkel, since for example Schwarzkopf is one of the hair brands I trust the most. One of the reasons why I would like to be inside a beauty company is because I want to know more about the development of the brand strategies of this market and on this way being able to analyse why this type of products are being sold still nowadays through a merely informative strategy. Recently I've heard on the Cannes Lions Festival some wise words about branding saying that in order to get that something sticks on our brains we have to create the principle which defends that we all are identifies by what makes us distinctive and different from another people not by what make us the same because the sameness is not interesting. The brain is interested in what is distinctive, and is through visual distinctiveness how we get to the brain of the consumer.

The concept of beauty has changed as well as the role has done, however I don't see new insights of messages in the advertising updated to the new requirements of the modern women.
Beauty is for me something I take care everyday and however something which I don't want to think about it every time because perfect beauty doesn't exist but natural it does.
I know these are not professional posters but I wish I could see some kind of spontaneity one day in beauty advertising, because at the end what women want is just to be happy and enjoy every small detail of life having the confidence that this first hour of beauty care in the morning was enough to forget about the stay of your hair for the rest of your day.

 What did I do with these posters? I stuck them close to the main office of Henkel in Vienna in order to have the opportunity to catch the attention of them and show my creativity, proactive soul and my motivation to work with them in the department of brand management or marketing.

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