jueves, 12 de marzo de 2015

Welcome to coworking times

Spaces are not just spaces anymore. 
We are in an era of change. 
In the moment of set up new places.

The ones who have born in the XX century should feel proud of being taking part of this moment and experience every innovation which is emerging right now. We can enjoy doing whatever we want and inspire the others at the same time. We have the power burning in our hands, a flame able to bond people no matters who or where they are. Through Internet and the current advances we have the opportunity to create easily new communities and networking, lightening in this way the fluidity of information, creativity and innovation. Technologies have accustomed us to have everything “here and now” and become compulsory multitasking. As a result of the social changes and the evolution of the way of living, cities and business have seen forced to transform and adapt to the needs of people and all of a sudden new concepts of places and services are skyrocketing.

Co space

Business as we used to know become old-fashioned and new services and innovative ways of working come to stay. With the fast communication provided by the network entrepreneurs are creating great projects reaching their partners in a click, without the necessity of a huge infrastructure investment. Since every time more people wants to take advantage of the present market offer, several encourage enough to start new adventures and therefore spring startups, freelances and new ways of collaboration. This is when a new profile of widespread innovative entrepreneur arises the need to find a space where developing his ideas, which has been efficiently satisfied through coworking spaces.
The concept of coworking spaces is one of the phenomenon more standardized in the last years with a strong worldwide development. However (I don’t know how) there are still some people who doesn’t know the meaning of coworking spaces, exactly for that reason I would like to introduce why I am so much fascinated with this concept of working. The main idea is to share a space where a freelancer, a researcher, a small business and everybody with a dream to become alive could be able to work under the same roof in order to implement best practices of new business model trends and take advantage of the benefits of this shared professional office.

sektor 5

There are different kind of coworking spaces: modern, vintage, high class, minimal, artistic, earnest… but the most exciting are the incubator spaces hosts of a proactive and interactive community able to fight united for the sustainability of their individual projects. These communities feature a constant activity translated into workshops, presentations, conferences or exhibitions. I think the difference between them resides in their meanings, which transform them in places with a characteristic identity and soul. In this point results crucial a management of the space focalized in the search of an innovative, creative and entrepreneur atmosphere where the coworkers could interact with another external people and the local community. Some decide to focus in an artistic, business or technological offer and others just give whatever proposal aim at inspire and enrich the members achieving in that way the success of every of the projects running. The incubator spaces are also a great support for those who are starting something new and thanks for consulting and advice to fulfil their goals, for those who wants to rise their social network and maybe get funding or simply are looking for some fun and movement while they work in order to improve their efficiency.

Vienna Impact Hub
In my opinion this is a social movement which should stay since it promotes positive values for society as cooperation, helpfulness or equality, building a place where every participant contribute somehow with their skills despite of their independent aims. It’s much interesting how coworking spaces empower profitability at the same time of becoming entrepreneur city landmarks. The citizens of the city are able to give a new point of view for the internal projects, happening a great feedback between experts and proactive minds and the members in a professional area but as well cultural and educative. These spaces become also a great opportunity for social projects, pop-up events and artists who wants to show their talents in an environment run by the “influencers” and “early adopters” generation. One of the examples is placed in Impact Hub,an international red of coworking spaces which offers a program for social entrepreneurs including expert advice for carrying out their projects. The offer of activities in another as Paradocks is so wide and goes from exhibitions to relaxing sports as Yoga, maintaining the building always full of positive energy. 

Das Packhaus. Paradocks
In my short experience since the last two months I had the opportunity to know the coworking spaces in Vienna which you have seen in the pictures attending the Startup weekend and other workshops, presentations and pitching of ideas and even when I am new in this area of entrepreneurship (and in this city as well, and no, I don’t have a business to launch right now) I could receive a lot of knowledge and inspiration from the talented people who surrounded me. For instance in the Startup weekend I enjoyed the participative work,a collaborative Teamwork nonstop 52 hours where everyone put in their abilities to make a project happen and present on Sunday an implementation of an idea for a real Startup. One of the things I could learn was that not everyone is prepared to take part of a family which should listen and help each other while worries about building a successful business. However in contrast you will meet some awesome people given all their efforts to the community to whom I am so thankful for their motivation to become this alive and bring me closer to their passions and projects. I'm looking forward to attend the next event in Vienna and knew any other exciting spaces as Stockwerk

“If we are around interesting people, interesting things usually happen” 
 Chris Messina, co-founder of citizen Space, San Francisco.

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