lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013


This summer my cousin and me made some photographs in a field of sunflowers with two differents ideas . 
The first the idea was to portray one part dress-up and the other grunge, the half of us smart and the other not at all. Actually later we don't care about this, we only had fun with our strange faces. Conclusion: this make up is only for models but we enjoyed painting.
Marta, Preparation Pre-shooting 

Photoshop make up 

B&W half face

In The second part we used paintings with colours I created mixing different tonalities. (I had some problems uploading the photos in high quality, sorry for that)

Photograph: Agustín Hernández and me! (Silvia Romano) 
Stylism: Marta Martínez from missflamingoatthecity and me 

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