miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

Global Service Jam

What is Global Service Jam?

This year I had the pleasure of participate in the global service jam  in Bilbao and I think is great experience to share besides of what time has passed. - "The Jam" is a  global, face to face event where people of various backgrounds voluntarily spend 48 hours designing new services, learning new skills and new attitudes, meeting new collaborators and having a great time. The Global Service Jam and it's sister events are non-profit volunteer activities organized by an informal network of service design afficinados, who all share a common passion for growing the field of service design and customer experience. The Jam has a staff of none and a budget of nearly nothing” by Global Service Jam - The idea of the project consists in create a new service in 48 hours, with people you just know and starting with a word to work around it. This year the term was GROW. Every team found grow in different areas so every service makes up for a need. It’s amazing be aware of the amount of people which is doing the same project as you around the world. We had a big screen with twitter connecting every time and people from all the world talking with the hashtag each second. I encourage you to know a bit more about the project and service design. I knew new people awesome who teach me several things. In my team were people from h2i,(school of innovation), producers of start –ups as samy road and a teacher an student from mondragon university.( I admire the way the learn business )
My team design a platform as a social media where you can share something which you think is strange, rare, or which distinguish you from the crowd . You can create a village, be inhabitant of other and increase your legacy if theres more people with your rarity or oddity. Some of the this rarities were Eat chocolate with mayonnaise, make mathematic counts as a way to relax, someone who hasnt the sense of smell...And we realise when 2 people shared the rarity and met each other they were happy to find someone like him, and he wanted to share the new to everyone. And everyone has a personal oddity, Why dont share it?

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