martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014

Falling in love with Budapest

One of my addictions is travelling. 
Discovering new places, new cities, new spaces with special meanings, with charismatic people, this is one of my passions. Travelling is being lost in the middle of the streets and take the direction you feel will be the best, lose your self even more and find someone who helps you to come back. Travelling is feeling what is behind the buildings and the architecture of a place.
In this post I show you some pictures of nice spaces in the city of Budapest. I think it is a very inspirational city, you can feel a young soul walking around every corner, breath international air and let yourself be seduced by the essence of her Ruin spaces. An unique essence is given off by the Ruin Bars where people build a special atmosphere bringing back to life to the materials which used to be isolated and empty of energy. Now these abandoned and ramshackle spaces are full of movement, light and creativity expressed through design in every little detail. This is the moment when which used to be named as old and outdated is becoming Vintage and Cool with a simple design twist. A modern typography or a white space are enough adornment for the deteriorated structures to welcome people who turn conceived space into perceived spaces (Lefebvre, 1991). 

Budapest inspired me to create a series of designs combining my photographs with light colours, you can check the full collection here in my online Portfolio: silviaromano.

Nanushka store is the shop you can't miss if you like fashion. She is a Hungarian designer formed in St Martins London School with amazing collections made of great textures and fabrics.

Higgs field , a bar and space for Pop-up Stores, exhibitions or different activities. Same place always  but different content, isn't amazing a place in continue changing?

Rustic bistro

Ruin Bar
Ruin Bar 2
Nice wood-turquoises café 

One of the pictures from Budapest design project ( Gallery)

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