viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

Short course Art Direction

I know this isnt the correct way to mantain a blog, but better later than never, for this reason I am posting in September all the experiences I had along this year. 

In February I participated in a short course during 2 days in the college of everything with the teacher Javier Furones. The experencie was awesome, because it was very intense, much information about art direction in advertising. 
Knowing artists as Julien Valleé o PES, the best advertising agencies in the world discovering new areas as Tailandia  and watching the work of agencies as kesselskramer or W+K ,,,, 
Analyse campaigns in 
My country to analyse campaigns was Argentina, here I show you some ads and photographies.

La comunidad

Experimental photography at the street
Memes esperiments

Experiments at the school

Agency: Madre
Detail of decoration of the school

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